Sharpening your copywriting skills is a great investment. We will love to share with you a few tricks we have picked up in our career as content creators that will help you in your journey as a copywriter. A. Start Sith a Story Everyone loves to listen to stories fromContinue Reading

CONTENT STRATEGY This obviously is about planning, creation, delivery and Governance.In this stage you set up a planning method that will aid you understand;  1. who you are creating for, that is the brand your content represent, 2. The end user of your content, that is the targeted audience. Since contentContinue Reading

As a Content Creator you will need to use various tools like Tableau, Google keywords tool, sample size calculator – to do thorough market research, this is especially for content CREATORs who work to sell products, services or enhance brand visibility. Your research will include search histories relating to yourContinue Reading

YouTubers Most of you want to create content for YouTube or short video ADs for Instagram and Facebook. This is the most tasking aspect of content creation and also the most rewarding as you will benefit in the long run when your channel is filled with target audiences who can’tContinue Reading