For Today Assignment number 1

I want to start an airline ticketing company and I will love to run a blog that encourages people to buy tickets from us rather than go to the airport. part of what we are ore offering is to pick them up at the airport. In not less than 1000 words do a copywriting that persuades people to buy tickets from Mekzy Airlines

No 2 Assignment

Watch this Video Content Properly and with its simplicity and delivery,

1. Create a youtube account,

2. use your phone to record in a landscape format a video of yourself motivating people on 10 steps to living a successful life. Note, the Video must be clear and the audio must be audible.

The content must be well researched and original. you are allowed to be creative because the target audience for this video is the youths ages 18 to 35 so be funky and entertaining.

At the end of your video state that this is a project from content creators hub and state your name. post in on your youtube page and share the links on your social media and tag us @cchubtv make sure you are following us so we can monitor your progress.