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Definition Of Copywriting?

Copy writing is simply defined as the act of writing for advertising and promotional purposes.  As a Copywriter, you are responsible for writing texts on brochures, blogs, websites, newsletters, Social media ads, catalogs, and more.

Texts written by copywriters are known as a “copy.”  copies are seen everywhere and in everything, a valuable part of a $3 trillion industry worldwide.

Majorly, copy writing is all about getting a reader to take action. That action might be to purchase, opt-in, or engage with a product, service, or company.

That’s why we call a copywriter  “a salesman in print.” and that’s because he writes convincing and propelling copies to pron you to action. A copywriter performed the magic of guiding a reader to buy a product, a service, an ideology, or a perception. It is ok to call copy writing a craft.

Everyone needs a copywriter and if you want to master this area, you can indicate for a more in-depth tutorial.
A copywriter must be an avid reader and a crazy writer, he must read across a variety of subjects from tech stuff to food and medical supplies to everything else. One common thing about copywriters is the persuasiveness in their writing, you can’t help but to buy or toe their line of thought.
They are also good at script writing and storyboard making for radio jingles and TV commercials.
Note; a content creator can either major in just being a copywriter who only writes or takes his skill to another level which is interpreting the Copy writing into videos or other multimedia.

You don’t need a college degree to become a copywriter. Many successful copywriters are school dropouts while some are still in school. you will find 18-year-old copywriters and 70-year-olds too. There are really no prerequisite for being a great copywriter just that you have to read and know what you are talking about

What to expect from this course

You are privileged to have one of the best in the field take you on this course and be assured that by the time you follow our class to the end you will be ready to pick a copy writing job with any company of your choice or better still start your blog and make a fortune.

We will be taking you on the basics of copy writing, at the end of every lesson an assignment will be given to you to solve and send before moving to the next lesson. Make sure you complete each assignment as that will be the bases for starting this course in the first place.

After this course, you can request for a certificate or for a more advanced class in Copy writing.

Your instructor is friendly and very accessible.