Becoming A Youtuber


Most of you want to create content for YouTube or short video ADs for Instagram and Facebook. This is the most tasking aspect of content creation and also the most rewarding as you will benefit in the long run when your channel is filled with target audiences who can’t live without your content. In this lecture I will make available various videos from a variety of content Creator’s on YouTube and Facebook to help you find your voice.

But before you begin to engage your camera or phone you need to put pen to paper and do the work of a copywriter.


What is my channel about

Should people know me for

What do I like talking about or writing about?

If I pick this topic amongst others will I be consistent or will I run out of episodes and then change course and mislead my audience.

When all these are done you can then set up your channel on any platform and start to create your content.

Note, to inspire followership your video most be either educative, informative or entertaining.

Creating a niche

Creating a niche is key as they are lots of content talks about almost everything on the internet. So you need to look at other people’s content and find what’s missing, what’s not well place or delivered and make your content to suit the audience need.

Don’t worry about followership just yet focus on fitting your content with the right audience. They aver 6billion people on Earth, just a hundred thousand followers are enough to change your life on YouTube. It might take a while, but you will get there.


don’t be afraid to start with a phone. So many great content CREATORs started with a phone smaller than yours. Don’t wait to have a team of Guru cameramen and a studio. Start with your phone. Just let what you have to say makes sense.

Go live

Make use of the tech, go live on Instagram even if no one is listening. Train your self to speak useful information out as Content soon people will start listening. Some of us have a hundred followers on Instagram but we never say anything meaningful to them. When you have figure out your content trend, make videos, use text. Post them on various platforms and go live to tell people about how awesome your content is on YouTube and why they should connect with you on matters concerning fashion or anything you like to talk about. Some channels had no followers after being created for over a year, but after that year the channels started leaping.

Your psychology

If you approach content creation with an attitude of inconsistency, you won’t last a month. But if you stick, a couple of years down the line you might be one of the channels that Google will rely on for ads. You must see yourself a content CREATOR from the moment you start, and never stop creating.

You must master the act of staying long in a content trend. If your content is history be the best and authority in it. And don’t run out of content cos there is so much to research on history. If you choose to talk about fashion then be in the know about anything fashion and explore the world of fashion.

If you are working as an employee to push a brand through engaging video and video ADs, then understand the brand properly, it’s tone, and what they stand for. Research it’s market and what drives it Target audience wild. Then build content that engages the audience and persuade them to buy.

For a more in-depth tutorial on this indicate.

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